Lovely sugaring is a service room, coworking, and innovation space.

With our mission of making Lovely Sugaring a destination for entrepreneurship, we support startup sugaring business through incubation, education, and community development efforts.

We believe in accidental interactions, collaboration and cultivating a community of continued growth.

We believe

everyone deserves to feel amazing in their bodies and mind

We believe

in a proactive approach to wellness

We believe

a continue sugaring schedule is the key for results.

We believe

in an unified approach to sugaring that will allow you to obtain optimal skin and wellness results.

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Our Team

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Our Story

LovelySugaring started as room that provide hair removal services and gradually develop into a role model for estheticians and small aspire sugaring business owners.

With this role model our vision is to develop and educated estheticians into sugaring skills, client retention, entrepreneurship skills and business innovation.

We envisioned a new kind of business. One that focused on building community through thoughtful, relevant experiences, taking place in a safe, inspiring space.

Our goal is to make sugaring a household name and build an organization that supports gender neutral services for clients. With this our estheticians and entrepreneurs work towards realizing their dreams, but who would also build the future of our city and our province.

Finally, we felt that if more estheticians have the skills to sugar then sugaring would be a household name. That’s why, from the start, we focused on developing workforce and professional development strategies that ensured that every esthetician has access to the talent and resources required to not only grow, but innovate and get to the next level. Sugar&Co Canada and their education courses allow us to designed around this principle.

We are Lovely Sugaring.