The Neutral Zone

Why We Believe in Gender-Neutral Pricing

We know that sugaring services can be a little scary for first-timers. “Will it hurt?”, “Do I have enough growth?”, and “how much will it cost me?” are common concerns, but “Will my gender affect the price?” shouldn’t be one of them! At Lovely Sugaring we pride ourselves on treating our clients well and making sure they have a good experience. From keeping our space clean and tidy to chatting with our clients about aftercare and any concerns they have, we work to ensure that our clients feel welcome and comfortable. A big part of making sure our clients feel welcome is by offering gender-neutral pricing on all of our services.

Many salons choose to charge genders differently for the same services; this is called gendered pricing. Gendered pricing comes with a lot of unnecessary extra charges and an assumption that a person’s gender identity is simple. Although when it comes to most personal care products and salon services women are often charged more, sometimes the discrimination goes the other way. In many salons, men are charged more for pelvic waxing because it is seen as more specialized. New York City does prohibit gender pricing, but sadly, there are currently no laws against gendered pricing in Canada. After discovering it cost women an extra $1,351 each year, California outlawed gendered pricing. Hopefully Toronto and Canada will soon ban this pricing strategy. Here at Lovely Sugaring we feel that your gender shouldn’t affect the price you pay for quality services. 

If a client is not simply cis-gendered knowing which service they’re “supposed” to choose from on a gendered price list can be unwelcoming and intimidating (exactly what a salon visit shouldn’t be!) We know gender is not as simple as male or female or that an individual’s gender identity may differ from the gender they were assigned at birth. By offering gender neutral pricing our clients are never asked to state their gender which we believe helps our clients feel comfortable and lets them know that Lovely Sugaring is a safe place where we do not discriminate. We believe all-gender spaces, also called gender-neutral spaces, benefit everyone. Whether you are cis-gender, trans, or gender non-conforming you can find equality and safety in an all gender space. Our prices are not based on gender or physical attributes but instead on the services themselves. Whether you’re coming to our salon for an eyebrow tint, a lash lift, or pelvic sugaring you’ll be charged the same as anyone else no matter what your gender expression is.

Here at Lovely Sugaring we believe that everyone deserves to feel absolutely amazing in their own body and mind. When booking your sugarings here at Lovely Sugaring, the prices are based on the amount of growth and how much time it takes, not the gender identity of our clients. We hope that your experience with Lovely Sugaring will be one of proactive wellness with amazing and continued results. We believe that treating our clients with respect and care is of the utmost importance, and most of all we hope that you enjoy your visits with us!