All About Alex

If you’ve already had the pleasure of visiting Lovely Sugaring, you’ll have met the lovely, always-smiling Alexandra!

As founder and owner of Lovely Sugaring, Alex is passionate about skin care and always goes out of her way to make clients feel comfortable. In founding Lovely Sugaring, Alex created an innovative co-working space where beauty entrepreneurs support each other, educate clients, and grow wellness-based beauty.

Born in Colombia, Alex inherited a passion for skincare, beauty, and an entrepreneurial spirit from her grandmothers. Her maternal grandmother worked as an esthetician and owned her own business. On Alex’s Father’s side, her grandmother was a cosmetologist who also owned her own business in Georgia. Being a beauty entrepreneur definitely runs in her family.

After moving to Canada at the age of 14, Alex continued to pursue her interest in beauty and skin care. As an adult Alex suffered from depression, and it was by pursuing her passions and dream of having her own business that she overcame it. After graduating from Trillium College’s Esthetics & Spa management program Alex worked for a large sugaring company, learning the ropes of the industry and perfecting her craft. Alex is now a Sugar & Co. certified professional sugaring body educator in addition to founder and owner of Lovely Sugaring.

A true extravert, Alex is energized by interacting with others and loves chatting with clients and making sure they are getting the most out of their services. Outside of her work, Alex finds joy through her family and believes that appreciating the people we share our lives with is true wealth.