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Pelvic area

Your sensitive bits require extra loving care while removing hair, and our sugar experts will ensure you’re both comfortable and […]


Put your best face forward. Our aestheticians know how to get the perfect brow, and the smoothest lip.

Body Sugaring

Using all-natural ingredients, we’ll gently remove unwanted body hair–from anywhere.

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Groin area

$150 - Sweetness

Groin Area

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Full Pelvic

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Full Pelvic

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About us

We offer professional sugaring hair removal for face and body with products that are good for you and the environment, scientifically advanced to ensure superiority.

At Lovely Sugaring our services are gender neutral.

Our clients are extremely important to us, whether it is your first time with us or you are a repeat customer, we will educate you as well as keep you hair free.

Our Reviews

Outstanding service. Really comfortable environment and very professional and thorough job done. Super progressive and lgbtq2sai+ inclusive.

Adrianna Bartlett

Alex is an incredible aesthetician and has a natural gift for putting you at ease and getting the job done as quickly and compassionately as possible! I had never had any hair removal procedures done before like this and was nervous but she made the process a comfortable one and was delightful to talk to (in multiple languages no less! ). I’m so happy and feel so lucky that I came across her ad and will definitely be a return client from now on. I promise you’ll love her to bits!

Rhodri Wiseman

I’d only ever been waxed before seeing Alex, but I’m now hooked on being sugared. Waxing has left me burnt, and sugaring is so much better for my sensitive skin. Alex is thorough, quick and professional, but she’s also super warm and funny and will put you completely at ease in her very private space!

Regan Macdonald


Sugaring should be a household name.

  • Room temperature.
  • Water soluble.
  • Exfoliates.
  • Hypoallergenic & non-comedogenic.
  • Refines hair.

Products usage in a service.

Soft and Firm sugar
Mineral Water
Drying starch
Revitalizing lotion

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